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Museum Freaks - for Atmosphere

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Billard Room in Adobe Atmosphere

Adobe Atmosphere Museum

Adobe Atmosphere was a 3D web program which enabled users to interact in 3-dimensional web-based worlds. It brought more interaction to the internet than has been possible. Unfortunately the software was a bit before its time, and it was discontinued. There has not yet been a 3D web-based software to rival the interaction of usability of Atmosphere. We can only hope one day it or something like it will come back. (photo at left is of the Ightham Mote Billiard Room)


Notes on Access

Atmosphere can only be viewed in the Internet Explorer browser. Back in 'the day' the atmosphere browser plugin downloaded automatically when one attempted to enter a 3d world, if it is still active, you'll be able to install it and walk within the 3D realm. It does still work in the current IE version. You will need to click to allow the active x component to run. From what I can tell all the interactive scripts which make things move, enable sounds, etc.. all still work.

How to navigate : Once an environment (world) loads, click once inside to enable movement. Use your mouse and/or arrow keys to move around. Shift and the up arrow will allow you to jump; control and the up/down arrow will move your head (view).

HogwartsHogwarts Adobe Atmosphere World The very first Adobe Atmosphere world that I created. It won me $2500 in the one and only contest that Adobe ran for Atmosphere Beta Testers. There were three prizes for building Atmosphere worlds. First prize was well deserved, and went to an enormous world called Dark City, my Hogwarts world won second place, and a Submarine world with excellent sounds effects won 3rd place. It's hard to explain the wonder won felt with the ability to create/build in 3D a place and experience. I truly enjoyed it.


Mos Eisley Cantina Mos Eisley Cantina Atmosphere worldAgain, following my love of movies, another movie related world. Mos Eisley Cantina was modeled after the cantina where Luke met Han Solo in the first Star Wars movie. One of the two great events that the old Atmosphere Beta Testers group put together was a Star Wars event, and Cantina was one of the many Star Wars related worlds that were available for the event.

Motel Motel Atmosphere WorldI am incredibly proud of the interactive story/game/experience that is Motel. Martin Judd, a master scripter, and myself created Motel, and it was truly a first that brought Atmosphere into a whole other realm. It was an interactive mystery that included voice overs, items that had to be collected, and unfolded into a complete murder mystery where the player had to face the ultimate creature at the end. Anyone that saw the John Cusack movie Identity, will see where I got my design inspiration. Motel still stands as an Atmosphere triumph that truly brought the software to the pinnacle of interaction.

Ightham Mote Ightham Mote Atmosphere WorldIghtham Mote is a 3D representation of an historic manor house in England, and a rather realistic and exact one if I do say so. Another triumph of the 3DFM team (myself and Martin Judd). This world shows the potential of Adobe Atmosphere to take museums and bring them into the 3D webspace, to allow visitors from all over the world to do the next best thing to traveling there in person - visit the 3D recreation. Ightham Mote was accepted to be presented at Siggraph 2004 in LA, and I enjoyed the opportunity to share Atmosphere (however short lived) and its potential with the Siggraph attendees.


Jack and the Beanstalk The first interactive story in Adobe Atmosphere. You become Jack as you take the cow to market, see the magic beans angrily thrown out the window by mum, and then see the wonder of the Beanstalk which you climb to explore the Giant's caste, and engage in a harrowing chase as you make your way back down with the loot. What can I say....3DFM was an Atmosphere dynasty. If the software had not been discontinued, we would be THE go to 3D interactive, immersive environment company. Jack and the Beanstalk is another triumph of style and action, of design and scripting power.


Westenhanger Castle Another recreation - this one of a famous English castle. We not only recreated the site as it exists today, but took it further by recreating it in it's medieval splendor, using bluprints to build the castle back to it's original state. We offered a full experience that allowed visitors to visit the site in real time, and as it would've looked hundreds of years ago.

3D Christmas Card The first 3D intereactive Christmas Card with Adobe Atmosphere. Did I mention 3DFM was a dynasty? Yes, we pushed every limit, explored every possible use of Atmosphere. This is a 3D Card where the recipient actually gets to visit Santa's workshop and interact with the toy making elves.



Model Home This was a world meant to offer home builders a way to allow buyers to visit home models virtually in 3D, and click to change options like wall color, cabinet color, etc.. Atmosphere would've been the perfect way for home builders to showcase homes and allow them to be visted online in 3D.

Rivendell The Council of Elrond setting from Lord of the Rings. The other great event held by Adobe Atmosphere Beta Testers was based upon Lord of the Rings and included several LOTR inspired worlds which were quite extraordinary.



Living Gallery Working with Adobe Atmosphere insprires you to push everything beyond normal 2d limits. I created the Living Gallery to allow people to step into paintings. I pulled the paintings into a 3D representation so visitors to the gallery could explore the wonder of stepping into a painting.

Community House My second world, and I was still somewhat of a novice and my building and texturing techniques were still developing. But it still stands as a nice ode to atmosphere, as I used many of the original Adobe Atmosphere Avatars in the world. In the garden on the right, you can see a bush shaped like TESTER - the original Atmosphere Avatar.



Darren Hayes Disco I was a huge Savage Garden fan, so when they unfortunately broke up, I stayed a fan of Darren Hayes. Back in the day I had one of the premiere Darren Hayes fan websites, and of course I had to make an Atmosphere world for his fans to come hang out and jam to his music.

R.I.P. When Adobe decided to give the axe to Atmosphere all us Beta Testers, who had went onto become Professional Atmosphere designers were incredibly disappointed. Of course 3DFM has to give Atmosphere a proper send off with a ghostly world populated by the ghosts of Atmosphere avatars.



Winter Wonderland Nothing can get you in the holiday spirit like a 2D winter wonderland world. This world was complete with carol singers who came out to spread the Christmas cheer.

Mayan Temples Mayan Temples Atmosphere worldI've always been fascinated by the Maya and their ability to read the stars and plot future events so accurately. This world is an educational one that includes voice interactive signs (just like at a real museum) that include facts about the Maya.



AtmoKits AtmoKits was one of the first Atmosphere related business ventures. 3DFM opened AtmoKits when Atmosphere was officially released. We even had a link that Adobe put on their website. We made themed kits (household, music, exteriors, etc..) which consisted of pre-buit items for use in Adobe Atmosphere worlds, textures, scripts (for instance, we had a copy machine that made copies) and sounds. It was successfull in the short time we had available before Atmosphere was discontinued. One of the most interesting facets of the site was the ability to preview the Kit items in a world, using a One-of-a-Kind interface built by Martin Judd, which allowed people to add in furniture, and other items one at a time and place them in the world by means of a control panel (this type of interface had never been done before). This also led to another component called ActiveAtmo, which was another First, and allowed people to build a world together (adding components similar to AtmoKits demo room) and each would be able to see instantaneously what the other was adding.


Mission Mars Mission Mars Atmosphere worldMission Mars is an educational world by 3DFM which included an interactive interface with facts about Mars. The entry into the world included an astronaut touch down with rocket blast. An excellent exampleof the educational potential of Atmosphere.


Mr. Gig Mr. Gig Atmosphere worldMr. Gig is a popular message forum for musicians and banks in Kent. 3DFM created a virtual bar for them to hang out in, complete with barmaid and plenty of refreshment. This world also branched off, through a portal room, into many unque mini-worlds such as Chav Alley, Fight Club, an Undersea world, and more.


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